Our Equipment

Our Equipment

Sure, anyone can rent out some pretty Cornhole Boards, but what makes our cornhole equipment unique is the degree of consistency in both construction and aesthetics. This makes Chicago Cornhole Rental your ultimate option when it comes to multi-Cornhole Set Rentals in Chicago. Click any image on this page for an enlarged view.

  • This is what our Cornhole Rental Inventory looked like after we built them but before we painted them. These boards are not rented out as-is; we are simply showing you what’s underneath the paint. The tops are constructed with 7-ply 1/2″ Cabinet Grade Birch. The smaller (2ft) sides of the framing are constructed of ripped-down 1×4’s, while the longer (4ft) lengths of framing are constructed of custom milled 2×4’s to match and butt up evenly with the 1×4’s. It was all built at the derricksmash.com headquarters here in Chicago.
  • The photo shows what the bottom of our Cornhole Rental Boards looks like. The legs are collapsible to make transport a breeze. You’ll also notice that all of the hardware holding the legs in place is all under the cornhole board and out of sight. Additionally, this eliminates the common bolt head protruding from the side of the frame and this again aids in making transporting and stacking a easier and less damaging. You will also notice that we took the extra step in priming and painting the bottom surface. This is not only to look nice, but to preserve our equipment for future Renters to come.
  • Don’t let the coat of white paint fool you. For one, don’t forget about the first picture on this page – showing you the quality of the boards before painting. But secondly, we took it even further. This white paint you see isn’t the standard grade paint you’d see on the walls or ceilings of your house…not even like the stuff you’ll find on the outside of your house! This paint is an interior/exterior grade Semi-Gloss Floor Paint. This advanced coating dries as hard as a rock and will hold up to spills, scuffs, harsh chemicals and even foot traffic. The only thing these boards can’t handle is vehicle traffic!
  • When all is said and done, this the end result of our Cornhole Equipment. They are well built with high quality materials and well coated in a high quality floor coating. High quality materials led to a consistent dimensions among all of our Cornhole Rental Equipment.
  • As we feel at derricksmash.com, what’s a good set of Cornhole Boards without a good set of Cornhole Bags? Every Cornhole Rental Set comes with 10 Weatherproof Cornhole Bags – 5 of two different colors. We give you a spare of each…just in case! These are the same highly reviewed cornhole bags manufactured and sold over at derricksmash.com. if you aren’t familiar with Weatherproof Cornhole Bags from derricksmash.com, they’re made on an industrial Juki sewing machine with #69 Nylon Thread.
  • Our Cornhole Rental boards are clean, crisp and consistent. They are all white and will look good at whatever Cornhole Venue you have in Mind. The example to the left was hosted by our client, Facebook, at a classy little bar in Chicago simply called Joe’s on Weed St. For more photos of our Cornhole Rental Sets in actions, check out our Client Portfolio!

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