DerrickSmash and Big Mike have been making Custom Cornhole Sets since 2006.

We started providing Cornhole Rental Services in Chicago shortly after. Our craft was handmade, meticulous, and our products became heavily sought after. Our shop was featured in TV commercials aired nationwide, we’ve been published in several magazines, a book, and even made a view television appearances on HGTV sponsored by Craftsman Tools. This led to turnaround times often exceeding two months. We had the idea to build a few “loaner sets” to provide customers a bags set to play on while we had plenty of [unpressed] time to craft their custom beanbag set. Some of our first rental customers were folks who already owned one of our sets, but didn’t want their investment to get destroyed by their teenagers at a graduation party, or sit outside in the rain if they took it camping. That was our sign telling us that there was a little market for providing rentals.

More than a decade later, we are still providing Cornhole Rental Services in Chicago.


We offer Delivery & Pickup services (you’d be surprised at how far we’re willing to drive), Cornhole Tournament Moderation Services, Setup & Teardown Services, and whatever else we can do to accommodate.

We can also arrange local customer Pickup & Return.