$40/set  + delivery


$40 + $1/Mile


Minimums below include 4 Cornhole Sets with Bags, Delivery, and Pickup.

$225 for Residential, Small Business, or “Wide Open” Facilities in Northern Chicago Area.
“Wide Open” means a location we can literally pull our vehicle directly into for ease in unloading on-site such as: parking lots, open fields, loading zones, etc.

$335 for Large Commercial and/or Festival Facilities
This is essentially any place involving loading dock check-ins, closed roads, fenced off areas, etc.

Don’t need 4 sets? Do you really really really want them set up for you?
Give Big Mike a call and see what you can work out.To be blunt and perfectly clear: all situations are different. With our combined histories in transportation and courier dispatch we are fairly familiar with many downtown loading docks. Certain downtown Chicago loading docks will not be included in this minimum price due to previous experiences and wait times.


We’ll email over a secure invoice. This invoice serves as a proposal.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, your booking is confirmed with successful payment of invoice.


48 Hour Cancellation for Refund
(potentially less any credit processing fees)

We can’t do any shorter. Even at 48 prior to your event provisions have likely already been made on our end to accommodate. Provisions can always be made – just communicate and we’ll try our best.


If your building or dock security contractor needs a COI it’s on you to provide them one through your insurance company. We will not list any company or security contractor as additionally insured on our policy. Apologies in advance.


We generally prefer you to run your own company’s tournaments as you’ll generally know the group fairly well or at least know the faces. We’ll even help you organize it.

This is our most variant cost. We both work full time jobs. If running your tournament will require taking time off or working on a day off it’ll understandably cost at least day’s wages. However, we run some kickass tournaments as smooth [as possible] as we’ve ran hundreds together.


Since we love road trips, anywhere! See Delivery Rates above.

Discounts available if we get to go somewhere cool =)


$35/set per day + charged refundable deposit

It’s just a garage – not a fancy storefront or anything. This is our most flexible options for many customers who only need a set or two or for customers who are too last minute for us to accommodate delivery. A few times we’ve been able to meet up with customers mid route to or from other gigs as our inventory is pretty nomadic.

Cornhole Map


We have 50+ sets.



Sometimes we can especially with larger gig. Our minimums don’t have much cushion.