Cost of Cornhole Rental?

It starts at $35/set not including delivery, pickup, etc. Price per set goes down when you’re over the 16 set mark. If you’re in a very large commercial facility, please read the statement below.

$335 round trip minimum for downtown Chicago rentals [or any near by venue] that will require us to enter via loading docks. This same minimum applies to closed off street and music fests. This minimum price includes four cornhole sets w/ throwing bags, and delivery/pickup. Additional sets are $30/each. Don’t be offended if we flat out refuse to delivery to your building based of past experiences – or if we adjust the price accordingly for a 4 hour wait in your convention center’s loading docks. 

Cost of Delivery?

You’re generally looking at $40 in the metro Chicago area for just a few sets that we can for into a smaller vehicle. If we are loading up the truck with a larger quantity of sets, you’re looking at $50 + $1/mile – sometimes less based on the situation and the venue/space we’re working with. We’ll collect as much info as we can from you before providing a quote. If you’re a non-corporate client and just need a set or two, just give Fat Mike a call. Maybe he’ll have you meet him at a pub to pick them up. Don’t forget, we’re just two dude who do this on the side. We’re pretty flexible, especially if you are.
This is how much space just 6 Cornhole Rentals take up.

Cost of Cornhole Tournament Moderation?

It’s generally between $200 and $500 depending on size, density, and duration. We generally prefer you to run your own company’s tournaments as you’ll generally know the group fairly well or at least know the faces. We’ll help you get everything ready to go – brackets, timing, etc.

Got a Certificate of Insurance?

Yep, but that’s our business. If your building or dock security contractor needs a C.O.I. it’s on you to provide them one through your insurance company. We will not list any company or building security contractor as additionally insured on our policy.

What is our Service Area?

As far as you’re willing to pay us to drive. We make multiple out-of-state trips annually for our clients. One of our regular clients wanted to know if we could get our Cornhole equipment to Nashville for a weekend of corporate seminars. After some back-and-forth they, a national hotel chain, gave us accommodations and food for an extended holiday weekend in exchange for us delivering, setting up, and then picking up the equipment. We only billed them what we would as if their event were down the street from us here in Chicago.

So, we basically took a guys’ fishing trip that weekend in exchange for a nearly 1000 mile round trip booking. We needed a vacation anyways. We’re willing to get creative if you are.

Will you help with the tournament bracket?

Yep. At no cost as long as you’re using us to at least supply the equipment. We got your back!
We often make custom tournament brackets for our clients.

Can clients pickup and return equipment?

Sure. Just understand we’ll place a credit card on file should our cornhole rental equipment never make it back to us.

Where is the Pickup/Return Location?

If you need more than a set or two, you’d be coming to our storage garage on the Northwest Side of Chicago in the Old Irving Neighborhood.

If you just need a set or two, we can often times work out other creative arrangements.

Cornhole Rental Pickup Location Map

How many cornhole sets do we have?

We have enough. As of now we have about 50 cornhole rental sets in our inventory.

32 cornhole sets spaced out @ The Palmer House Hilton in Chicago
Cornhole Rental Delivery
We can really stuff ’em in….

What are standard booking terms?

Upon on availability and agreement of services and equipment needed, you’ll be emailed a payable proposal. This serves only as a proposal of services offered and is in no way a binding agreement. Once paid, however, this proposal is then a binding agreement between us. Nothing is booked until our proposal is paid unless we mutually agree to other terms.

Mike and I have full time jobs – we don’t waste our time and aren’t going to waste yours. Just because we see several pending proposals out there doesn’t not mean we are gonna clear our schedules, request time off from work, load up the trucks, etc. We won’t do that until we see a paid notification.

Cancellation Policy?

If you want a cancellation or rain delay policy, let us know and it will be a separate line item on your proposal. As stated above – we work full time and usually need to take time off from our jobs to accommodate cornhole rentals. No event is booked, with or without a cancellation policy, unless the invoice is paid in full. Upon unfortunate cancellation of your event, your payment will be refunded to your card in full less any fees from the credit card processor (usually 2 or 3%) and our agreed upon cancellation policy price (which is basically what we make for reserving the equipment and other arrangements pertaining to your event such as requesting time off work).

We generally can’t agree to circumstantial terms such as “well, if it doesn’t rain that weekend, bring the equipment and we’ll pay you then…” because of how much planning we’d need to do regardless of event cancellation. If you don’t have a Plan B, we sure don’t.

Are there limitations where you’ll set up or deliver?

Nope. It’s your tournament. You do it where ever you want.

Just understand that if we need to climb up 30 flights of stairs, traverse a rope bridge, and then navigate a creaky step ladder to get onto your rooftop patio, it’ll cost more than a simple curbside delivery.

This client usually has us set up right in the middle of their trading floor.

Do you offer discounted services for Charities?

Sometimes. A lot of our clients are charities as it is. Reach out to us. We’ll see what we can do. No promises.

This tournament was to benefit Liz’s Legacy, a Foundation that helps finance Cancer Research Programs.